Acerdent is growing ‘Super-Fast’ as Global Standard Dental Drills & Burs Producers

Acerdent produces a wide range of over 300 different varieties of products that are used in various industries.

The company’s innovative mechanisms, precision, different grit sizes and latest manufacturing technology hoist its position amongst the top quality demand suppliers.

The MD of Acerdent recently said in an interview, “Our products are made using cutting-edge technology that ensures smooth cutting, long life and among the top selling products.” He adds, “We are the largest suppliers of diamond drills, burs, grinding pins, points, drill bits, micro diamond drills, small drills and surgical diamond drills and burs all of which are used in the dental industry widely’’.

The MD says “The latest technology used by Acerdent for making its instruments is proved to be user-friendly and comfortable. The speed and excellence make it one of the most popular brands in the dental supplies industry which is vastly dependent sharp and precision instruments”.

Products from Acerdent can be purchased in bulk over the internet and buyers can avail a number of offers that make it easy on the pocket as well. According to the MD that the company caters to the demands of all buyers irrespective of the size of the industry they represent.

Acerdent has become a well-known name in the dental industry owing to its presence of more than 20 years. The company has a long list of satisfied customers who prefer to purchase from us time and again. The reason behind the success of Acerdent has been its unsurpassable quality control and the use of 100% original diamond particles in the burs. These extend the longevity of the instruments and make them more cost-effective than the instruments that can be used only once.

The MD takes pride and says “All of Acerdent’s products are priced competitively so that dentists can get their value for money.” According to him that quality compromise is not tolerated at this segment because the company understands that these instruments are being used for surgical purposes.

However, many of the products are used in other industries like jewelry manufacturing, stone and marble and also drilling holes into shells, glass beads, and pebbles. Most of the company’s products are bespoke items which are made according to an industry where it will be used. Thus, it caters to a wide range of sizes and shapes which are used in a variety of industries.

Acerdent uses the best quality manufacturing equipment for making the drills and burs which include Swiss and German automatic turning machines that promise 100% concentricity. The MD says “Acerdent specializes in nickel plating that has capacity to ensure that diamond grits are properly embedded inside. He adds, “These ensure long-term use and a smooth way of going through the surgical process”.

As the world leader in dental surgical instrument supplies, Acerdent manufactures products of varying coarseness so that dental plaque can be removed easily and swiftly without much difficulty. It also reduces the time necessary for treating a patient thus making a surgery faster. All of its products are certified for making the industry standards which is cost-effective and the best option for dental surgery.

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